"What I liked the most was the personal attention each participant received." "Dr. Norfleet-Haley was an excellent presenter."
"This workshop was very informative."
"I learned a new and more effective way of studying for the exam."
"This workshop was very helpful."
"The small group setting was perfect for this type of workshop."
"I was very impressed with Dr. Norfleet and her teaching style because she teaches with passion and compassion. Her approach is different from the others in a way that she addresses your short term memory by training you to recall large amounts of information. It makes the test easier to study for and doable. The other workshops just reviewed the information and test questions. Dr. Norfleet dissects the questions using her teaching method as well as reviews them. I think Dr. Norfleet will help many people like me doing what she's doing. I have told everyone I know about her."
"What I like most about this workshop was the test taking strategies and how to handle anxiety."
? ?"I passed the exam, the test taking strategies were so helpful."
"I passed the exam after failing 4 times, this workshop gave me the tools I needed to pass the exam."